Safety Comes First


Many contractors claim they are “committed” to safety however, there is a difference between being “fully” committed to safety and not being “fully” committed, usually the difference can often result in life altering injuries or life itself.

We know the end result of workplace injuries effect more than the person actually injured, it can have shattering effects on their family, friends, co-workers and potentially the community.

At Synerex, we believe that we have a strong moral obligation to ensure the safety of our employees and those participating in any capacity on our work sites. There is no room for ambiguity when it comes to safety and we will not compromise at all between safety and scheduling or profitability of a project.

Our On-Site Managers understand that it is their number one priority on each and every job site regardless of size, to ensure that we are not only in full and complete compliance with provincial legislation of the governing safety bodies, but to go beyond that and instill our own company values when it comes to safety. It is part of our culture!

We expect that by instilling safety as part of our core culture that everyone participating on our sites will share and accept safety as part of their responsibility, on every project.

To this end, we at Synerex take ownership in making every effort to enforce strict safety guidelines in the interest of accident prevention and ensuring a safe and healthy working environment in which everyone can feel safe.

Tom Sulyma